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GT Cheer Sports Bottle

GT Cheer Sports Bottle

Georgia Tech Cheer water bottle

Adidas Cheer Logo Rebrand

Adidas Cheer Logo Rebrand

Adidas Cheer Logo

Rumble & Tumble

Rumble & Tumble

Georgia Tech Cheerleader tumbling

Georgia Tech Cheer Logo Rebrand

Georgia Tech Cheer Logo Rebrand

Georgia Tech Cheer Logo

Belly Flop

Belly Flop

Helmet_Mockup 2

Helmet_Mockup 2

Flipping Out

Flipping Out

Better. Stronger. Faster. Cheerleader

Better. Stronger. Faster. Cheerleader

Athletes Cheering Athletes
GT Cheer Logo Single

Georgia Tech Cheer Brand Guidelines

Pretty faces. Eye candy. Dumb blondes. As cheerleaders, we have heard it all. But there is one insult that cuts deepest:



Not really athletes? As if launching humans into orbit, allowing them to contort their bodies like some Cirque du Soleil act, and bringing them safely down to earth did not require some modicum of talent and strength. Even at Georgia Tech, we are not given the same resources and amenities as other sports. We are the lowest priority.


We are here today to set the record straight. What follows is a redefinition of Georgia Tech Cheerleading and the industry as a whole. No longer will we stand on the sidelines as an afterthought to another sport. We are the main attraction. We are

cheering athletes.

Belly Flop_Edited.jpg



If you haven’t guessed it by now, we’re rebels.

Intense, daredevils hellbent on showing the world

how badass we are. We are here to shake up the industry

and turn a stereotype upside down. Our goal is to shatter the

perception that sees cheerleaders as only a pretty face and pom-poms.

We are going to show everyone and their mother that cheerleaders are athletes,

too, and that this is anything but an effeminate sport. Beneath that facade of make-up

and hair spray is sweat, grit, and the heart of a champion. We are athletes cheering athletes.

Athletes Cheering Athletes


Man tumbling, GT

The tagline, “Athletes Cheering Athletes”, embodies our mission: to put respect on the name of cheerleaders. It reminds everyone that while we may cheer on other sports, we are athletes ourselves.


The giant Georgia Tech garrison flag, or Big Sexy as we call it, is the cornerstone of our logo. Back in times of old, flags were flown at the front of armies and used both as a means of communication and a display of power. In the same sense, we see ourselves as the leaders of a cheerleader revolution. Big Sexy is shown tilted at an angle to suggest movement and progress, similar to how we hope to inspire a change in the perception of our sport.

GT Cheer Logo Single.jpg
GT Cheer Logo Small

Unfortunately, the interlocking letters are not as clear when they become smaller, shrinking into one blob of text. As such, it is necessary to switch to the single “Power T” logo as we call it. If printed or displayed at a size smaller than 2” by 2”, then the Power T logo must be used.

GT Cheer Logo B&W Small

We would like to take a moment to thank our sponsor: Adidas Cheer. Joining the ranks of Adidas Football, Basketball and Baseball, Adidas Cheer is the newest line from the international sportswear giant. The Adidas Cheer line recognizes that we are a separate sport unto ourselves requiring our own specialized equipment, not just recycling some other sport’s apparel. Look for the Adidas Cheer logo in the sample applications throughout this brand book!

Adidas Cheer Single
Adidas Cheer Single Small

Color Palette

These colors are our official colors. Cheer Blue replaces Navy which appears black when paired with Old Gold.

Georgia Tech Cheer Colors

Bright White
PMS 11-0601
C 00 M 00 Y 00 K00
R 241 G 242 B 241

Cheer Blue
PMS 108-15 C
C100 M87 Y03 K0
R 32 G 64 B 154

Old Gold 
PMS 451 C
C34 M34 Y74 K04
R 170 G152 B 93


Futura Condensed Extra Bold was chosen as the type for the large logo, headings, and subheadings because of its association with sportswear, thereby reinforcing the idea that we are athletes, too.

Georgia Tech Cheer Typography

Roboto Slab Regular was chosen as the type for the body text because it is the origin of the Power T.

Georgia Tech Cheer Typography


Vintage Basketball Women.jfif
Marilyn Monroe 1.jpg
This is no longer your mother’s cheer team. As such, we refuse to use perfectly manicured photos like the ones shown here. These types of pictures are toxic to our goal: they reinforce the stereotype of pretty, docile cheerleaders.
Tumbling, GT Full

A quick study of football photos and anyone will understand how they communicate power and athleticism: the pictures show movement. Therefore, we will accept action shots only. We want to see movement; tussled hair, sweaty brow, grass stains and all. No more of these picture-perfect stylistic photos.

Back Tumbling

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