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Rocking Rocker

A Cradle to Cradle Project




The idea for the chair was born out of a minor irritation. When I am sitting in my rocking chair on my deck and I want to listen to music, the ground is the only place where I can put my speaker. As a result, from where I am sitting in my chair, the music sounds distorted and muffled because the speaker is built to project sound laterally, not vertically. That moment is when I had an epiphany. Why not add speakers to the headboard of the chair so that whoever sits in it will have surround sound? From there, the ideas kept flowing. I remembered going to a friend’s house and sitting in his plush home theater seats which featured built in speakers; these theater seats became my starting point. After the whiskey lamp’s budget, I was hesitant to spend more money on projects. This is where the idea for reusing my old laptop’s speakers originated. From there, I challenged myself to make the chair as sustainable as possible. Rather than plugging into an outlet, which is unwieldy for someone who is trying to rock, I harvested my computer’s lithium ion batteries. One battery is all that is needed to power the speakers and it can be charged with a solar panel.

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